SC Amber Vessel



We are committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, with the following aims:

  • Respect and contribute positively to local communities
  • Offer opportunities to improve energy efficiency or reduce carbon emissions
  • Use renewable resources in preference to non-renewables
  • Use local and recycles materials where appropriate
  • Zero incidents with environmental impact

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CF BV Vessel

In practice

We have put a lot of effort in during the preparation phase to ensure any potential impacts on the environment are reduced as far as possible. To ensure that our implemented measures are working as expected, we undertake a variety of monitoring activities throughout the construction works.


We continuously monitor levels of airborne noise, vibration and dust to reduce potential disturbance to the local population.


We monitor levels of underwater noise during marine activities, with the aim of avoiding potential disturbance to marine fauna.

We monitoring sediment spill (water turbidity) to avoid changes in water quality or light penetration, to maintain the health of local marine flora and fauna.

Reducing light spill which has the potential to disturb or attract fauna such as migratory birds.


We aim to select innovative solutions with the purpose of reducing energy use and carbon emissions from operations and materials selection. We track our emissions monthly, enabling us to see patterns and trends which can lead to improvements.


Throughout the duration of the project, we aim to run several campaigns to increase the awareness of our colleagues and subcontractors to environmental issues. Examples include:

Plastic Awareness Campaign:

Educating on plastic pollution impacts and how to reduce them. In combination, we provided drinking water dispensers in our offices and provided reusable bottles to replace the use of plastic bottles.

Collaborating with local associations: 

Donating money from Dansk Retur System drinks cans and bottles to local associations, such as Scouts and Nature Conservation Organisations.

Event Days: 

Participating locally in World clean-up day September 17th 2022.