The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Project is constructing the World’s longest immersed tunnel between Lolland in Denmark and Fehmarn in Germany.

Fehmarn Belt Contractors

The leading dredging and marine contractors Boskalis and Van Oord from the Netherlands have joined forces in the consortium Fehmarn Belt Contractors (FBC), which is responsible for various activities related to the construction of the 18 kilometre long Fehmarnbelt Tunnel.

The activity scope for FBC includes the construction of a new work harbour for the tunnel factory in Rødbyhavn, dredging the 18 kilometre long tunnel trench across the Fehmarnbelt and construct a harbour on the Fehmarn side. The dredged material from the tunnel trench will be reused to create new recreational nature areas on both the Danish and German side. 

About the Fehmarn Belt Link project

The Fehmarnbelt link will be an 18 kilometre long immersed tunnel. It will be the world’s longest of its type for both road and rail. The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will comprise a four lane motorway and two electrified rail tracks.

The tunnel will consist of 79 individual elements, each 217 metres long, and 10 special elements with a lower floor for tunnel operations and maintenance equipment.

It will take approximately 8.5 years to build the Fehmarnbelt link. Once completed it will take 10 minutes to travel from Denmark to Germany by car and 7 minutes by train.

For more information about the tunnel, please click on the link below:appro

Latest Vessels

Manta is a 80 m long grab dredger
Johannis de Rijke
Johannis de Rijke is a 55 m long dredge barge
MTS Valiant
MTS Valiant is a 27 m long tug
Dutch Pearl
Dutch Pearl is a 30 m long tug
Zingst is a 65 m long dredge barge
Jette Saj
Jette Saj is a 24 m long backhoe dredger
Bosch is a 26 m long tug boat
Wulf 4
Ems Tug
Ems Tug is a 27 m long tug boat
Bokabarge 91
Bokabarge 91 is a 80 m long flattop barge
Willem van Oranje
Willem von Oranje is 136 m long trailing suction hopper dredger
Bolle VIII
Bolle VIII is a 74 m long mooring pontoon
Jan Leeghwater
Jan Leeghwater is a 96 m long dredge barge
Darss is a 65 m long dredge barge, which is self-propelled.
Magnor is a 69 m long backhoe dredger
Terrafere 501
Utrecht Vessel
Utrecht is a 155 m long trailing suction dredger
Cornelis Lely
Cornelis Lely
Cornelis Lely is a 96 m long dredge barge
Njord Lapwing
Njord Lapwing is 19 m long crew vessel
Bokabarge 9
Bokabarge 9 is a 84 m long flattop barge
Jan Blanken
Jan Blanken is a 96 m long dredge barge
Bokabarge 6
Bokabarge 6 is an 84 meter flattop barge
Afon Alaw
Afon Alaw is a 25 m long tug
Salt Island
Salt Island is a 25 m long multicat
CC Biscay
CC Biscay is a 91 m long flattop barge
Dutch Power
Dutch Power is 31 m long tug boat
World Scirocco
World Scirocco is a 24 m long crew transfer vessel, which transport crew for the vessels Manta and Fetsy
Onyx is a 33 m long tug
Coastal Chariot
Coastal Chariot is a 37 m long multicat
Pamela P
Pamela P is a 12 m long crew transfer vessel
Kilstroom is a 30 m long multicat
Freke R
Freke P is a 68 m long dredge barge